Thursday, April 24, 2008

Workety Work Work Work...

I have a new job! Yee-Haw! I'm still at the same place, but I'm now a clinical records clerk, which means that I do all the filing for all six cottages. I'm also going to be setting up all or most of the appointments for the campus & I'll be the backup for the food lady when she's gone. This was my first full week filing. I'm actually enjoying it but it is taking me some time to get used to sleeping at night. I was almost asleep the other night when I got the feeling that something was very wrong & I started wondering why it was so dark. It took me a minute to realize it was nighttime & I was supposed to be in bed!

I have run across a couple great quotes in files or just listening to conversations in the offices...

"Can I get in my constipation box?" Umm... that should've been confiscation!

"I’m like Pinocchio… he’s a real boy just like I’m a real girl! I cut my strings! You ain’t no puppet-master!" - told to staff by a client

"I’d rather die as a young boy than to ever fumble this football!" - also said by a client

"I’m your only friend. I’m not your only friend but I’m a little glowing friend, but really I’m not actually your friend, but I am." - written by a client

And the best one, which describes this chick to a T - under Hobbies / Other Interests in a girl's file: "She likes to be as bad as she can"