Monday, November 24, 2008

Judgement House 2008 - Makeup Room

I was in the makeup room again this year & made up the tortured guys. Torturing people is apparently my specialty.

This is Joe, one of the guys I made up every night. I loved doing the slash across his face. All of the blood was done with a medium called "Fresh Scab". Quite fun to play with...

Joel was once again a demon, but this year he was Damien, a higher demon & apparently Satan's right-claw man. No collodion this year - just latex, fresh scab & the creams. Jennalee made up the Damiens, so this was her handiwork.

After completing Joe & Dylan, I would get my own makeup on. Mom said the dark around my eyes was very effective so I got to go with the raccoon look. My hair is nasty due to the shea butter & then mussing it up. It got a lot ickier as the night went on, with Fresh Scab & sweat added to the mixture. Lovely, huh...

My clawed face. I gave up putting anything other creams on my neck since it didn't last very long anyway. The first weekend I put the special effects gel on that I used on Joe & Dylan but I broke out in hives, so I was apparently allergic to something in there. The hives finally completely disappeared a week or so ago. Yay for Benadryl & hydrocortisone creams & sprays!

The Mothership - The Queen of Makeup. She made up the Satans every night.

Some videos from the makeup room. First up is James getting Damien-ized by Jennalee & then Ryan getting Satan-ized by Mom.

We had lots of fun in makeup, just in case y'all can't tell... ;) SUPER SATAN!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Judgement House 2008 - Hell

Our church just finished this year's production of Judgement House. We did the Web of Lies script this year & I was once again on the makeup team & played a tortured person in Hell.

First up, a video of our Hell scene...

The sobbing you hear - that's me. Which is why I'm still trying to get my voice back after 7 nights of constant sobbing & screaming. My hair is still recovering too. It would get fake blood matted in it, as well as sweat 'cause Hell is hot, ya' know. The first Saturday, we had some longer breaks between groups & left the heater running so it was 140 degrees in there for a while. We toned it down after that & kept it between 110 & 120. So the heat didn't help my hair either, but I started slathering it with shea butter before I went in & that would soak in & keep it from getting all crunchy.

And now for some pictures...

One of our Satans on his throne. He brought in a katana for the last night so we played around with that a bit. He also had these freaky contacts that made his eyes all white except for the pupils.

My little jail cell. It would get stinkin' hot in there. Some of the guys who were right in front of the heater said it was hotter in the jail cell than anywhere else. At least we had cushions to sit on.

Richard at the controls. He ran the tech for us again. I'll have a video up in another post where one of the Satans & Richard are playing with the voice changer.

After every group left, we'd gather up & pray for them as they went to the Heaven scene. Doing that had such an impact on the whole atmosphere. Tempers were calmed, as some characters have a tendency to get roughed up a little as they're being dragged out. Even though it was completely accidental, folks would sometimes get upset. There was also a lot of spiritual warfare going on. People were losing their voices, getting hurt, emotions going crazy for no apparent reason. The prayer helped so much, the change was unbelievable. I know it helped me, as my fibromyalgia should've acted up & I shouldn't have been able to walk without my cane. But I didn't even have any major pain until partway through the last night.

Our fearless leader. David is awesome! He had a lot of stuff going on - people calling to complain that Hell was too hot, too violent, too smelly, too loud, too whatever. C'mon folks, it's Hell. It ain't gonna be a picnic. In the real Hell, the demons aren't going to be giving everyone a tufted cushion to sit on, checking to make sure the temperature is to your liking or giving you a massage.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Performing Monkey Numero Uno

I now have my first ever performing monkey. (Confused? Read the little blurb under my profile pic at the top... Got it? Good.) There is a sad little man (?) who apparently feels he needs to display his lack of intelligence & good manners, and on my little corner of the intertubes, no less. Therefore, I have turned comment moderation on to keep him from dragging my comment sections into the sewer system with him. I apologize for any inconvenience to my friends & readers.

Note to my widdle monkey - feel free to leave all the nasty little bits of poo you wish, just know that they will be rejected. And if you think to offend me, think again. I work with teenagers. Teenagers with behavioural problems. I've heard it all, so you don't bother me. Now, if you don't mind -well, actually whether you do or not - I'm off to more important things than you, like picking lint from between my toes. Ta.

Oh yes, I'd like to request a trapeze act next, please.

And to my brothers & Dad - I know you will want to give this little booger a piece of your minds, but anything exceedingly inflammatory will also be rejected. I love you too. :)