Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things That Make Me Mad...

...people who adopt a 6-year-old from another country & then decide they don't want her three years later and then don't have the guts to tell her themselves. workers who don't tell the same girl for 2-3 months that her parental rights are terminated because *whining* "we don't know how to tell her - let's get a consultant to tell us how". Guess what - the consultant is gonna tell you that you're idiots for not telling her & leaving her to wonder why her family never calls her anymore.

For three freakin' months!

...sneaky, manipulative teenagers. 'Nough said.

...staff who take a 15-year-old's court-ordered "Baby Think It Over", put it in the basement & muffle it with pillows, just so they don't have to listen to it, leaving her still thinking that she can have a baby "so she has someone to love her" & not be aware of the consequences & responsibility. 'Cause now she thinks that someone will magically appear & make the crying go away. (Trust me, girl ain't exactly a genius...)

On the other hand, it's kinda funny to see a smug little smile practially falling off a bratty girl's face when calling me a nerd doesn't get the desired result. Instead she gets reminded that I'm a (usually) smart nerd & what exactly does she have going for her... ? 'Cause knowing how to cuss, insult people, do drugs & sleep around ain't gonna get her anywhere worth going.

By the by, been busy with school, work & school. I have pictures from family stuff plus some of the new house & fun at the firing range that I'll post later when I get caught up on some of my class work. In the meantime, don't hold your breath for the next post - blue just isn't your color... ;-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Poor Kitties

Well, we figure we know what happened to my other kitties. (Zoe was run over.) Mom looked out in the back yard yesterday morning & there was a coyote not 20 feet from the back door. He must've gotten Sydney & Wash. We're keeping the new kitties (from Peanut) in the shop at night & making sure the new pup is in either the shop or the pen to hopefully avoid losing them.

I miss my Psycho-Sydney & our conversations. And sweet little Wash & Zoe purring at me...

By the way, the new kitties came with the names McFeisty & McTwin, although that will change soon. Mom has already vetoed Dalek & Cyber as names. She wants McTwin to be Twister but hasn't come up with anything for McFeisty yet.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, we're partially moved out to the new place. The outside kitties - Sydney, Wash & Zoe - did well for the first several days. Now, though...

I haven't seen Wash since Wednesday of last week, Sydney since late Friday night/early Saturday morning & Zoe was accidentally run over on Sunday while the I was at the firing range with Flanders, Ramone & Jay. Peanut gave us two of her baby kitties to keep in the shop as mousers & Boo is in the house, but I miss my babies. Hopefully Syd & Wash are just wandering around, but I'm afraid an owl might've gotten little Wash. Syd was hanging out in the trees to the west of the house, but she hasn't answered all weekend when I called her & she's my conversation kitty. She always answers when someone talks to her.