Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here's a list from today's shuffle mode on my lil iPod. I've linked some of the songs to videos so y'all can hear 'em too, if'n ya' want to.

Secret Agent Man ~ Johnny Rivers

St. Louis Blues ~ Peter Cincotti

Spoonful ~ Etta James

I'm My Own Grandpaw ~ Ray Stevens

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again ~ The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack

Come Thou Fount ~ Jadon Lavik

Pure ~ Superchic[k]

Sinking ~ Jars of Clay

Follow Me ~ Uncle Kracker

Truth Be Known - Everybody Gets a Shot ~ Newsboys

At the end of the last video, there is an interesting little bit with the drummer & lead singer... check it out. :)


I've been a bad blogger this summer - no posts for what - 2 months? If you're one of the approximately 2.6 people that read this site on a regular basis, I sincerely apologise. My excuses are as follows:

~ Carter Grant was born in July, as was Julia Jane. Yay - more hobbitses for me to spoil!
~ I joined the Long Hair Community (LHC) & am figuring out how to properly care for my hair so I can grow it out.
~ I finished building my gaming computer, with some help from the awesome tech guys at CG Computer Solutions here in town. Oblivion is now so freaking beautiful, I can hardly believe it!
~ And last but not least, lotsa time-wastage on FaceBook (Scramble is quite addicting).

More on all of those topics to come. But for now, it's back to work for me... ( <--- y'all didn't just see that)