Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've done something to my ring finger on my right hand. Actually, it was the dog's fault. He just had to go off chasing that 3-legged rabbit while still connected to me. Jammed or did something rather painful to my ring & little fingers & the pain is moving into my middle finger, hand & wrist. Now I've gotta decide if I'm going to be a baby about it & go to the doc. It's bruised & somewhat swollen but I can move it. I can even mostly straighten it but it hurts. And I keep accidentally trying to type with it. That don't feel too good.

I've never officially broken a bone but I have unofficially broken 3 toes & either bruised or cracked bones in both my feet.

The big toe - I was helping Dad move a combine cage out of the horse trailer (that we also used to haul combine parts to farm shows in the winters) & dropped it on my foot. He didn't know anything was wrong, 'cause all I did was take a deep breath & stop moving. My toe turned all dark purple & the nail fell off.

The 2nd toe - It's longer than my big toe, so when I kicked Jazzi in the stomach & forgot to use the top of my foot... yeah, the next several Halter & Showmanship classes kinda sucked.

The pinky toe - Stubbed it but good on a block of parrafin wax we had for candle-making.

The feet - Part of my summer job at the college farm was helping to artificially inseminate the horses, which included 'collecting' the studs. I didn't have my left foot far enough back when collecting the first stud & he was a little exhuberant & stomped a horseshoe clad hoof right on the top of my foot. Ow. The next collection went fine, but on the third stud I was protecting my hurting left foot & he got my right one, same spot. For months after that I'd go to dismount after riding & out of habit do my usual kick-both-feet-outta-the-stirrups-&-jump thing, but when I landed... oh mama did that ever hurt. Sent spasms all the way up both my legs. Still, years later, every so often I jump or bounce & that pain comes back with a freakin' vengeance.

If it's not improved some by Friday morning, I'll probably wimp out & give my doc a call.

UPDATE: Peanut thinks I may have a hairline fracture as there's now a bump on the side of my finger & it still hurts. Oh well. As Viking Dad says, a little pain never hurt anybody.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Very Important Announcements

Well, not really, but just go with it anyway.

Please? For me? *batting eyelashes*


Since Leslie hit me with The Geek Test, I figured I'd better take it.

I rated as 23.4714% Geek. D'oh! I think it was the LOTR, trivia & comic stuff that got me. Ah, well... in the immortal words of Popeye, I yam what I yam.


You Are Not Destined to Rule the World

You are destined for something else...
Like inventing a new type of cupcake.
You just don't have the stomach for brutality.
But watch out - because many people do!

Dang it. Now I've gotta go change all those plans I've been making down in the dungeon basement.
Although they may have something with the cupcakes. Aaaaand now I'm in need of chocolate....
Thanks Blogthings people. Y'all are not helping at all. *rolls eyes*

Monday, February 05, 2007


No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. Just been busy & sleepy & stuff.

Let's see, Lil'Un announced to the Mothership the other day that "it snowed on the dead people!" when she saw the cemetery with about 5 inches of snow on it.

The Lord of the Rings movie marathon was a bit of a bust. Lotsa fun but we only had about 8-10 people there the whole day. We played poker & LOTR Monopoly & vegged out on the church's comfy couches from noon until 2 in the morning. I still have over half the cookie dough left & that's after giving two full plates away.

Bobo's 4th birthday party & Sugar Plum's dedication at church are both next Sunday, so we'll all be making the trek up to the farm for that.

The girls at work have started calling me "C3's Momma" since I've been sewing stuff up for them & might be making curtains for the cottage. I'm trying to get the supplies donated by a fabric store in Wichita & then I can try out my new/old sewing machine. And maybe teach the girls to sew.

I have two old horse collars at home that I need to fix up & sell in Mom's booth at the antique mall. One already has a mirror in it. I ordered several Breyer model horses to put inside of the collars. Hard to describe but it's kinda cool. I did one in 4-H & it got a Reserve Champion ribbon at State Fair. I can't find my box of pictures but when I do I'll post a picture of it.

I think that's it for now - my brain shut off several hours ago & I gotta be at work in 20 minutes.