Thursday, September 11, 2008

My First Cabela's!

I finally got to go to my first Cabela's on the trip. Peanut & Jer informed me that it was small as size goes, but that's okay. I was tired (can't remember if I had to use the cane that day or not - yes, I bought a cane... at age 29... *sigh*) and broke so I was trying not to tempt myself so I didn't look too intently at anything. I did check to see if they had a Taurus .357 Magnum, which is what a gun dealer friend is looking for, for my first gun. Just to see what the weight & size were like, but no dice.
I got a kick outta the gun library - didn't know there was such a thing, unless it would've been at the NRA headquarters.Take a gander at this pretty little sucker - gorgeous burled wood stock. A mere $37,000. Yeah, I'll just dig through the couch cushions really quick, uh-huh...
Peanut & Jer - Jer was playing around with hats & decided his little wifey should join in on the fashion fun. Love her expression. :-D
Julia wasn't exactly thrilled with the place - it was late. Grammy thought that was fine & just held her sixth grandbaby the whole time.

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