Friday, April 17, 2009

Work Update

I keep thinking that I need to post to this blasted thing, but only when I'm driving or in church (way to focus, huh?) or someplace else that is Internet-less. Anyway, on to my little bit of news...

I got a 30-day lay-off notice on April Fool's Day, but alas, it was no joke. I've been in my current position as Clinical Records Clerk for a year now, which makes a total of 5 1/2 years at this company. They're restructuring though, and I knew that it was possibility that my job would be discontinued or upgraded, which is what they ended up doing. It now requires a bachelor's, so that immediately throws me out of the running. I did apply for the Front Desk / Staff Assistant position that I've been helping out with for the past few months. I interviewed for that yesterday and they said they should have a decision in a few days. So, if I happen to pop into your head, please toss up a prayer for me. That would be greatly appreciated. :)

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