Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bible Study Partner

I am taking a class called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. (More info here) It is one of the most powerful, moving experiences I have ever had. So far, we are concentrating on the Biblical mandate for missions and how that is threaded so incredibly throughout the entire Book. God has really been speaking to my heart through this and He has opened my eyes to so much. When I feel I can get halfway close to doing it the justice it deserves, I plan to delve deeper into this on here.

Anyway, all of that means I have doing been a lot of in-depth Bible study lately. I even cleared off the table for it. And, to top it all off, I have had a study partner...

"I'm not in the way here, am I Mom?"

"Oh, no Syd. You're just fine."

"Good. Now where's the book on cats? There is a book about cats in here, isn't there?"


Anonymous said...

what type of beverage came in the bottle that is on the table????!!?

LadyGunn said...

I believe it was a German white wine - kinda blech-y. But the bottle is pretty and makes a nice candle holder that will match the kitchen when I get around to ripping down that wretched wallpaper.