Friday, October 28, 2005

Stupid People Tick Me Off

An 18-year old woman from Kentucky stood up a date and then lied about being kidnapped to get out of it. Kansas City police then spent thousands of dollars and who knows how many man hours to hunt for the abducted, raped and stabbed victim. Aircraft were also diverted out of the KS airport.

The liar's mother then calls what she did "stretching the truth" and whines that the girl's lying has never been malicious and that she is "immature".

I see a number of problems here.

#1. The girl is dumb enough to arrange a date with a guy she met on the Internet. Granted, normal, sane people have done it too, but this girl doesn't appear to have an overabundance of intelligence.

#2. When she does the only intelligent thing I can see her do here - decide not to go - she lies. And it was a lie that had a big effect on a lot of other people.

#3. The mother excuses her behavior and merely calls her immature.

I see the girl and her mother/parents to be equally responsible. They both need to make reparations for what the little dipwad did.

When I was 6, I knew better than to lie. Want to know why? Because my parents had taught me right from wrong. I had no excuses and neither did they. Had I done something like this, my parents would have turned me into the authorities and rightly so. I would have been the only one to blame.

At my job, I see so many people - clients and staff - whine and complain that life isn't going their way when it is their decisions that got them in whatever predicament they are in. I was cussed out this morning because a client didn't do what she was told and knew full well she had to do in order to go on a visit with her mom. I flat out told her that she was the one canceling her visit because she was choosing to scream and bang stuff around. Staff are not the ones responsible for how she behaves.

The problem is that we have immature people raising more immature people. Few are taught responsibility for their actions anymore. They get to blame everyone else for their crappy lives when their crappy lives are a result of their own crappy decisions. Self absorption is rampant in our society. When "it's all about me", no one else matters. We can do or say anything we want to, irregardless of how it affects anyone else.

I think I got a little off topic and twisty, but after this morning's frustration, I had to vent a little.

If there's one thing I can't abide, it's stupidity.

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