Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, Here I Am...

Ya know, I had a lot of stuff on my mind last night when I was considering whether or not I was really going to do this. Now... nothin'.

Oh well. Guess I'll introduce my self.

I'm a Midwestern gal, born and raised. I currently work at a residential treatment facility for teenagers with behavioural and mental problems, but I am applying elsewhere.

I bought a house within the last year and am in the (very slow) process of renovating. The bathroom I gutted and replaced before moving in. The main (it's too small to be called 'master') bedroom I painted, as well as the entry, closets and hall. I have yet to patch and paint the second bedroom and laundry room. I have wallpaper for three walls in the living room and need to replace the cabinets in the kitchen. Unfortunately the wallpaper border I had picked out for the kitchen has been discontinued.

My parents are here in Newton, as are my younger siblings and their spouses. It feels odd at times to realize that my obnoxoius little brother and my baby sister are married. My older brother, his wife and their two little boys live on the family farm up yonder in the northeast part of the state. Yup, I'm the only single one left, but that's just fine - for now.

I have a cat, which I will post pictures of at some point. I often check Is Full Of Crap, esp. the catcams and the Ask The Cats sections. That site, as well as others I have seen, made me want to show my little psycho Sydney Anne. I named her after the lead character on Alias.

That's all for now. I'll be back when my noggin turns on again.

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