Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've done something to my ring finger on my right hand. Actually, it was the dog's fault. He just had to go off chasing that 3-legged rabbit while still connected to me. Jammed or did something rather painful to my ring & little fingers & the pain is moving into my middle finger, hand & wrist. Now I've gotta decide if I'm going to be a baby about it & go to the doc. It's bruised & somewhat swollen but I can move it. I can even mostly straighten it but it hurts. And I keep accidentally trying to type with it. That don't feel too good.

I've never officially broken a bone but I have unofficially broken 3 toes & either bruised or cracked bones in both my feet.

The big toe - I was helping Dad move a combine cage out of the horse trailer (that we also used to haul combine parts to farm shows in the winters) & dropped it on my foot. He didn't know anything was wrong, 'cause all I did was take a deep breath & stop moving. My toe turned all dark purple & the nail fell off.

The 2nd toe - It's longer than my big toe, so when I kicked Jazzi in the stomach & forgot to use the top of my foot... yeah, the next several Halter & Showmanship classes kinda sucked.

The pinky toe - Stubbed it but good on a block of parrafin wax we had for candle-making.

The feet - Part of my summer job at the college farm was helping to artificially inseminate the horses, which included 'collecting' the studs. I didn't have my left foot far enough back when collecting the first stud & he was a little exhuberant & stomped a horseshoe clad hoof right on the top of my foot. Ow. The next collection went fine, but on the third stud I was protecting my hurting left foot & he got my right one, same spot. For months after that I'd go to dismount after riding & out of habit do my usual kick-both-feet-outta-the-stirrups-&-jump thing, but when I landed... oh mama did that ever hurt. Sent spasms all the way up both my legs. Still, years later, every so often I jump or bounce & that pain comes back with a freakin' vengeance.

If it's not improved some by Friday morning, I'll probably wimp out & give my doc a call.

UPDATE: Peanut thinks I may have a hairline fracture as there's now a bump on the side of my finger & it still hurts. Oh well. As Viking Dad says, a little pain never hurt anybody.


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