Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things That Make Me Mad...

...people who adopt a 6-year-old from another country & then decide they don't want her three years later and then don't have the guts to tell her themselves. workers who don't tell the same girl for 2-3 months that her parental rights are terminated because *whining* "we don't know how to tell her - let's get a consultant to tell us how". Guess what - the consultant is gonna tell you that you're idiots for not telling her & leaving her to wonder why her family never calls her anymore.

For three freakin' months!

...sneaky, manipulative teenagers. 'Nough said.

...staff who take a 15-year-old's court-ordered "Baby Think It Over", put it in the basement & muffle it with pillows, just so they don't have to listen to it, leaving her still thinking that she can have a baby "so she has someone to love her" & not be aware of the consequences & responsibility. 'Cause now she thinks that someone will magically appear & make the crying go away. (Trust me, girl ain't exactly a genius...)

On the other hand, it's kinda funny to see a smug little smile practially falling off a bratty girl's face when calling me a nerd doesn't get the desired result. Instead she gets reminded that I'm a (usually) smart nerd & what exactly does she have going for her... ? 'Cause knowing how to cuss, insult people, do drugs & sleep around ain't gonna get her anywhere worth going.

By the by, been busy with school, work & school. I have pictures from family stuff plus some of the new house & fun at the firing range that I'll post later when I get caught up on some of my class work. In the meantime, don't hold your breath for the next post - blue just isn't your color... ;-)


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Ahhh...the shooting range...

Stress relief in little lead and brass packages. :)

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