Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, we're partially moved out to the new place. The outside kitties - Sydney, Wash & Zoe - did well for the first several days. Now, though...

I haven't seen Wash since Wednesday of last week, Sydney since late Friday night/early Saturday morning & Zoe was accidentally run over on Sunday while the I was at the firing range with Flanders, Ramone & Jay. Peanut gave us two of her baby kitties to keep in the shop as mousers & Boo is in the house, but I miss my babies. Hopefully Syd & Wash are just wandering around, but I'm afraid an owl might've gotten little Wash. Syd was hanging out in the trees to the west of the house, but she hasn't answered all weekend when I called her & she's my conversation kitty. She always answers when someone talks to her.

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