Friday, November 23, 2007

Judgement House - Welcome to Hell, Part Duex

Hell was rather, ah... hellish. Heh. By the way, the Hell jokes were flying like mad and the church garage will forever be known as Hell. I think it'll be a little hard to forget since the smell of it is kinda soaked into the walls. We burned hair between each group to it nice & icky smelling & we had a heater going as well. It was usually between 100 - 110 degrees. The guys were so proud of themselves the night they got it up to 115.The source of the truly horrid smell. One night, we must've gotten a batch that had gel or hairspray in it, 'cause that one really made everyone tear up & start choking.
The fella in the red shirt is the guy who was in charge of Hell. He said his employees at work loved telling him to "go to Hell" at the end of the day.
A couple of the techie guys. They handled the sound effects, the Satans' voice changers, the strobe lights & the fog machines. By the way, don't breathe fog machine fog. Stuff's icky. Seriously.
One of the parts of Hell. There were two parts, first a conference between Satan & a couple of his demons, then they all went over to the section pictured above, where the "dead" kid from the story discovered where he was before being attacked & dragged out by the hooded demons.
The whole gang - Satans, demons, dead boys & techs. Well, most of the gang. Several of us were taking the pictures.

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