Friday, November 23, 2007

Judgement House - Welcome to Hell

Our church did Judgement House this year. The Mothership & I were on the makeup team. I would help in the makeup room, then head over to Hell to be available for touch-ups. The last night though, I got to be one of the hooded demons. Most of my pictures are of Hell, demons & the makeup room. There are a few of the dead folks & the crash scene.Demonized me... there's a hood on the cloak that covers most of my head.
Two of the demons & one of the kids in the story who was sent to Hell. The two on the left are siblings.
Satan & his minions hanging out in Purgatory, the trailer that was available for us to chill out in. Football is apparently popular in Hell, as is America's Next Top Band ( or whatever it's called.)
Satan & a hooded demon, watching football...
The two Satans - the one on the left is our worship pastor & the other is a son of our associate pastor. They had voice changers, which are what the white cords belong to.

The last night, after the last group went through, we had the folks who were in charge of the whole shebang come over & we did an extra performance, with quite a few tweaks. Instead of saying "Silence" like the original line called for, Satan told his demons to "Shut yer pie-hole!" When the hooded demons were supposed to attack the "dead" kid, instead of dragging him out, we pulled him up & did a little song & chorus-line dance to... well, I can't for the life of me remember what we sang, but it was funny. There were a bunch more, but there was too much for me to a.) remember & b.) explain coherently.

More to come...

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