Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tales of Woe Work

I am on my 15th night in a row of working. Only 10 (also in a row) to go until I leave for the church women's retreat with Mom & Belle. I am getting quite sick of this place, due in part to the long hours but mainly just from all the go se (Firefly Chinese for crap) that's going on. So far we have lost 2 overnight staff since they were both no-call, no-shows 4 days in a row & a third who would fall asleep for hours at a time. That fella was moved to 2nd shift.

The kids are being evil - for quite a while, 11 out of 12 were on restriction (basically consequences for being evil). Runners, cutters, people giving razors to cutters, just plain not following instructions or rules... They're starting to improve just a bit since we came up with the idea of not allowing the ones on restriction to use makeup, hair gel or spray, straighteners or perfume. I haven't been here when they've done hygiene, as I'm in the other girls' cottage most of the week, but I imagine they haven't been happy campers. But, if that's what it takes to get them to start following some rules around here, fine.

I was at one of the boys' cottages for several days a week or so ago and one of the other staff sent a kid to ask me what "parle vous Francois" means. Why he sent him to me, I'll never know. Anyway, I answered him & he then asked if I was French. I said that no, I'm English, Scottish & Welsh, which prompted the question "Is that why your hair is so long?" "Um, no... my hair is long because I don't cut it..." Apparently, if you're English, Scottish & Welsh, you automatically have long hair.

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