Thursday, June 19, 2008


My fibromylagia has been rearing it's ugly head lately. I missed Tuesday, worked only two hours on Wednesday & didn't go in today. Probably won't go in tomorrow either. I did start today on that new med that has been advertised for FMS, Lyrica, so we'll see how it works out. The main side effects are supposed to be nausea & dizziness. I am kinda dizzy-ish, not terribly bad, but I have a humdinger of a headache.

Okay, enough of the whine-fest, on to more important things - kiddos!

My cousins from Wyoming, Anna & Abbie, visited the clan in NE Kansas last weekend, so we popped up for a quick visit. As you can see, the kids were swarming like 'skeeters on a summers day. Seven boys and one little girl. For now...
Ahh, hobbit-powered tractors... The boyos had lots of races, mainly pushing each other on this tractor or with Tonka trucks. There was some major testosterone spillage that day.
Yup, that's my niece... *grin*
The Preggo Ladies - Shelly (who is expecting a boy in July), Peanut (who is expecting a girl, Julia Jane, in August) and Katrina (who is expecting a girl, Kinsey Kay, in October). So Clara will eventually have reinforcements against all those boys.

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