Sunday, June 22, 2008

Playing Hooky

I stayed home from church today since the Lyrica is really laying on the side effects, namely dizziness, and it probably wouldn't look good for me to be wandering around the church looking like I'm drunk as a skunk. The poor kids in Children's Church & Sunday School... "Why did Miss Marla just fall into the wall?"

Speaking of church, our congregation has grown enough in the past couple of years since we finished the new addition that we are outgrowing our building. In August, we'll be going to three services instead of the two that we have now, and doing two Sunday School hours instead of one. Sunday School will be done during the second & third services, which means we'll have the kiddos for an hour & fifteen minutes instead of the forty-five minutes that we have them for now.

And speaking of Sunday School... Mom, Dad & I teach one of the Kindergarten classes - we're the Kindergarten Kittens. Last week Mom taught the story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) and was very clear about the plan of salvation. Mom went over the Wordless Book with them and at the end of the lesson prayed a prayer of salvation. She asked them to come see her at the end of the class time if they prayed that prayer with her for the first time and meant what they said. When she asked them to talk to her later, four little ones came up. She talked with each of them to make sure they understood and apparently they did. We got an email from the parents of one little boy who for sure got it.

That, my friends... is awesome.

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That is awesome...