Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know - I've been a bad, bad blogger. Friends have taken me to task over it, saying I should provide them *cough*LaShay*cough* with something to read.

Here's a list of some recent songs that have popped up on my iPod whilst on shuffle. I'm linking to videos for the ones I could find.

Stand in the Rain by Superchick (a Firefly fanvid, but it has the song. And Firefly. Is it sad that I can tell you what episode every clip is from?)

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin

Mo Ghile Mear by Celtic Woman

Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

455 Rocket by Kathy Mattea

Center of Attention by Jackson Waters

Worlds Apart by Jars of Clay

Harry's Game by Celtic Woman (the audio is off from the video on this one...)

Revelation Song

Washed by the Water by Needtobreathe

Spanish Lady by Celtic Woman

Yeah, I'm on a big celtic kick and have been since last August. The other ladies in the office could tell you...

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