Monday, November 24, 2008

Judgement House 2008 - Makeup Room

I was in the makeup room again this year & made up the tortured guys. Torturing people is apparently my specialty.

This is Joe, one of the guys I made up every night. I loved doing the slash across his face. All of the blood was done with a medium called "Fresh Scab". Quite fun to play with...

Joel was once again a demon, but this year he was Damien, a higher demon & apparently Satan's right-claw man. No collodion this year - just latex, fresh scab & the creams. Jennalee made up the Damiens, so this was her handiwork.

After completing Joe & Dylan, I would get my own makeup on. Mom said the dark around my eyes was very effective so I got to go with the raccoon look. My hair is nasty due to the shea butter & then mussing it up. It got a lot ickier as the night went on, with Fresh Scab & sweat added to the mixture. Lovely, huh...

My clawed face. I gave up putting anything other creams on my neck since it didn't last very long anyway. The first weekend I put the special effects gel on that I used on Joe & Dylan but I broke out in hives, so I was apparently allergic to something in there. The hives finally completely disappeared a week or so ago. Yay for Benadryl & hydrocortisone creams & sprays!

The Mothership - The Queen of Makeup. She made up the Satans every night.

Some videos from the makeup room. First up is James getting Damien-ized by Jennalee & then Ryan getting Satan-ized by Mom.

We had lots of fun in makeup, just in case y'all can't tell... ;) SUPER SATAN!


phoenix auto insurance said...

Wow. Terrific. You are certainly the queen of makeup. I thought this was only possible in Hollywood but you do it nicely.

LadyGunn said...

Awww... thank! I like you! ;D

It's really not that hard to do, just jump in & start playing.