Sunday, May 20, 2007

Baby Pictures!

I forgot to mention that Peanut grad-e-ated from Nursing school. (Congratulations!) Jer already has plans to retire in June now that she'll be raking in the dough. A few pics (shamelessly stolen from Kat's Facebook page...)

Nameless (I so need to get a real nickname for this poor kid) with Auntie Peanut & Mommy Kat.
Nameless in the swing at the park. Isn't he a cutie-pie!
And now for the picture that will get me murderized - The Mothership & Peanut.
(Mom, it's a good picture. I don't wanna hear it... ) :-)

Also, forgot to mention that Peanut & Jer bought their first house. It's very cute with a lot of character. And they have the cutest fluffy little baby kitties. Jasmine & Krull the Warrior King are parents. Awww...


Anonymous said...

... great photos, ma'am..... peanut is a charmer!...


LadyGunn said...

Eric - She'll get a kick outta that!