Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kids, Kids, Kids...

Ever want to throttle a child one moment & the next squeeze 'em & tell them everything will be alright?

Parents - you have my utmost respect.

Right now, we have some kids that I don't ever want to see again, some that I want to take home with me & some that bounce back & forth between the two. I guess it's always like that here, though.

The ones I wouldn't care to see again are the brats - they pick on the others, do anything & everything they can to grind others into the dust & think it's all a great big joke. They're here for their behaviours. Sometimes the parents can't control them, sometimes they just don't care enough to try. But these kids have a choice. They choose their paths.

The ones I want to tuck under my arm & carry home are the ones with genuine emotional problems and the ones who are MR (mentally retarded) & don't always have control over what they say & do. They haven't chosen that path, it was chosen for them. The one who punched me is my favourite. She goes around calling staff the "n-----" word & "lesbians". Doesn't matter what color skin you have or anything - she just shouts random stuff. I often call the girls Fred, George & Maynard. This girl usually gets Maynard & one day another staff called her for meds or something & she responded with "My name isn't J---, it's Maynard!" We also call her Jazzy Jeff & Grandpa. She loves the goofy nicknames.


I arrived to work about a week ago & noticed chalk outlines of bodies all over the sidewalk. I had to ask if we had any living clients left.

They are apparently loving the giant coloring sheets I got for them.

If you ever want to do something for some kids, find a local residential facility & donate books, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, decorating stuff, magazine subscriptions, sports equipment, anything you think a kid would enjoy. They will most certainly enjoy it, even if you yourself never hear anything about it. You never know what will touch someone's heart & change their life.

(Another suggestion - chocolate PRNs [as needed medication] for staff *grin*)


the dread(locked)pirate robert said...


I think that THIS should alleviate all of your child problemS, AND you get something cool out of the deal! It's win-win! ^_^

LadyGunn said...

Dude - I knew you were screwed up, but... wow.


you know who said...

Aw, c'mon... you know it's a good idea to "trade in" all those wonderful, medicated children and get ONE MEDIUM T-SHIRT for the lot! Heck, you might get a large, since they're older than babies. ^_^ "no child left behind, indeed"