Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh. My. Gosh.

Yesterday my coworkers & I discovered the dangers of diarrhea.

One of the girls, who was described by the therapist as the craziest client she's seen, came out to use the restroom. She came to the office & just stared at me. I was getting ready to ask what she needed when she mumbled "I have diarrhea". I said that the bathroom was open & then... the smell hit. It was so bad I'm surprised I didn't see a green wave of funk floating at me. Girl was in there for quite a while. I went to check on her nut she had finally gone back to her room. I thought I saw lint on the floor so I flipped on the light and... nope. Not lint. Definately not lint.

The girl had gone back to bed - no shower, nothin'. I had her get up & clean the bathroom. I mean the whole stinkin' room. The floor, the toilet seat, the so-clogged-I-could-see-it-from-the-door toilet bowl, the door, the counter... ev.ery.thing. Another staff had already started spraying chemicals while I was getting trash bags. She had to be redirected several times to go finish it all. She eventually finished & showered. I left about that time.

Last night, I heard from the other staff that she did put her clothes & bedding in the washing machine like I asked, but she left all the crap on everything & shoved so much stuff in there that it smelled like "burnt diarrhea". That bedding, needless to say, is now in the dumpster but only after getting it out of the washer & spreading more crap all over the laundry room. The staff told me she got sick after seeing/smelling all of that.


On a brighter-smelling (& yummier) note, I was working with the same staff this morning & she offered to get me a doughnut since I was staying late to help her out. I told her I wanted a Bavarian cream with chocolate icing & she said "an ovarian cream?" I spit out the drink I just taken & corrected her. Later we were laughing about it & she got mixed up again & said something about "Bavarian cysts." Basically, be careful when you order a doughnut in these parts.


Anonymous said...

.. Bavarian cysts!!... bhwhahahaha....

.... I never knew that ordering a donut could be so hazardous!..


LadyGunn said...

Hey, it's a dangerous job, but someone's gotta do it. :-)