Monday, October 08, 2007

New House...

A few pictures of the new house. All off-white walls - which I personally think is unacceptable, but that's just me. :-(
The entryway, view from the front door - the floors are laminate. The piano is now against the wall on the lower right side. The two bedrooms are off to the right side, the living is to the left, the kitchen is down the hallway around the corner & the bathroom is at 12 o'clock.The kitchen - the fridge is a commercial one! The island with the stove is topped by black marble. The flooring is linoleum.
The kitchen from another angle. The built-in BBQ grill is original & the stone is all the backside of the fireplace in the living room. There is a circle all the way around the fireplace that gets used as a racetrack when Bobo & Little Man are here. Boo also walks it, making sure all is as it should be in her house.
The living room - the fireplace is on the left side. There are now blue sheers up on the window.
The dining room, from by the fireplace in the living room. We have Heritage Lace curtains up on the window now & a curio cabinet in the corner. We are loving the laminate flooring, especially when the kids are here - no more peeling gooey food out of the carpet after meals.

We're still in the process of moving, but we've had the whole family out several times. Dad bought a go-cart "for the grandkids" (yeah, right, whatever you say...) & it has gotten lots of use. I got to go to East Lake yesterday evening with Flanders, Ramone, Jer & Jay to play with Jay's new jetski. That was so. much. fun! Jay managed to throw Ramone off once when practicing tight doughnuts at top speed. Ramone & Jer both tried (a bit) to toss me off, but I managed to stay on, thanks to years of horseback riding. Jer & I didn't get to stay completely dry though, as we flipped it over whilst trying to load it onto the trailer. Always glad to give the guys a reason to laugh...


Army Wife said...


And I am going to confess I am one of those people that likes "plain ole white or beige walls!"

LadyGunn said...

It's starting to take shape as we decorate & get boxes out of the way, but we still have a ways to go.

Hey, to each his (or her) own, just make sure mine is colourful! ;-)