Saturday, October 20, 2007

Videos of the Hobbitses

First up, we have Bobo & Little Man wrestling with Flanders, with Sugar Plum in a cameo appearance toward the end...

And, now Sugar Plum (who had just finished saying "A-dba-dba-dba" to me & then laughing uproariously - I can only assume it was the world's 2nd funniest joke, as there are no remaining copies of the #1 joke per Monty Python), Nameless (who really, really needs a name), Little Man, Ramone (:rolls eyes & shrugs:) & Flanders, who doesn't bend that way.

Why yes, I have been spending too much time on YouTube - there are even science videos on there that have come in handy during Microbiology.

Hope this works - I'm at :cough:work:cough: where there is a severe lack of Javascript & all other things that make the intertubes so much more fun...

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