Saturday, October 20, 2007

:rolls eyes:

Ahhh, what a world, what a world...

The other morning we ended up secluding a girl after she was sent back from the school for refusing to take off her coat. She has readily admitted that the reason she acts up is for the attention, so while I was monitoring her thru the little window in the locked door, I refused to look directly at her & just kept track of her in my peripheral vision. Another staff came along & started laughing. I guess the girl was trying to stare me down & my ignoring her was driving her nuts. She pulled a 6-inch piece of denim from the cuff of her pants & faked strangling herself. I just raised my eyebrows & shook my head. After all, what damage could she possibly do to herself with that. She kept banging on the window & would occasionally yell "HA-HA!" thru the intercom. I wanted to get on the intercom & ask her what she thought was so funny, since she was secluded & we as staff were the ones who were foot loose & fancy free. I was even getting paid time & a half to be there. But we mustn't instigate the precious little kiddos.

This was the same kid who took a good 45-minutes to come out of her room for lab draws several weeks ago & was wearing a leather jacket when she knew full well she would have to remove it for the nurse. She just stood there, looking down her nose at me with this smug little smirk on her face. I told her she wouldn't get anything at all, bathroom door open included, until she redirected & followed instructions. It took her another 45 minutes, but she eventually let the nurses get their vials of blood.

Did I mention she broke her glasses (either 2nd or 3rd pair since she's been here) & then broke a lense & started scratching on her wrist. She put it up to the window & said "See - I'm bleeding." There was a spot of blood maybe as big as the tip of a pin, but she kept going on it, so we had to go take it before secluding her again for pushing staff.

At least the physically violent one who was refusing her meds for the last week & a half is gone to the psych hospital.

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