Saturday, November 01, 2008

Performing Monkey Numero Uno

I now have my first ever performing monkey. (Confused? Read the little blurb under my profile pic at the top... Got it? Good.) There is a sad little man (?) who apparently feels he needs to display his lack of intelligence & good manners, and on my little corner of the intertubes, no less. Therefore, I have turned comment moderation on to keep him from dragging my comment sections into the sewer system with him. I apologize for any inconvenience to my friends & readers.

Note to my widdle monkey - feel free to leave all the nasty little bits of poo you wish, just know that they will be rejected. And if you think to offend me, think again. I work with teenagers. Teenagers with behavioural problems. I've heard it all, so you don't bother me. Now, if you don't mind -well, actually whether you do or not - I'm off to more important things than you, like picking lint from between my toes. Ta.

Oh yes, I'd like to request a trapeze act next, please.

And to my brothers & Dad - I know you will want to give this little booger a piece of your minds, but anything exceedingly inflammatory will also be rejected. I love you too. :)


Anonymous said...

Just ignore the idiot. Don't give him any more fuel for his fire. Your site is great and that is all that matters. This world is full of 5% ers who make up 90% of the problems. Ignore him and he will go away. :) Keep smiling!!

You know who said...

Just deliver him to me - I'll make a few adjustments...