Friday, November 11, 2005


I had a dream last night. It was the strangest one I can ever recall, including the one about the demon-possessed burritos. I had fallen back asleep after my alarm went off and I eventually became aware that I was dreaming, but I could not control what happened in it like I sometimes can.

My older brother was in a motorized wheelchair, driving with the flow of traffic on Hwy 75 north of Topeka. It then switched to Mom, Addy - my cousin's 5 year old, and me in a cruise ship. We were there to make sure that wheelchairs had access to everything. I had to ride the wheelchair down a motorized lift-thingy that carried the chair down a short, wide stairway. The carpet was a deep red with gold and the walls were a rich cream. It was in this section - in the stairway - that I think I realized I was dreaming. Mom said something to the effect that we were also there to stop someone from killing a 13 year old girl - a client from my work. The dream changed to a Grecian statue, there was no background, everything was just white. A pearl handled dagger sticking in the crown of the statue's head. A hand - I had the impression that it was Mom's - pulled the dagger out and water began draining from the room or whatever the statue was in. A flow of blood began gushing down and Mom said we have until 11:30. I knew this meant we had to find the girl before 11:30pm or he would kill her. The dream changed again. A new statue, this one more cream-colored than the first and looking very battered. It looked as if there was dried blood on it and there was a smaller head hanging from the larger statue's hair. The statue began to move and I heard Mom, sounding rather distraught, saying "Stop, part of your head is blown off". The statue kept moving and I seemed to be circling it. I realized the statue was me and that's when the dream ended.

The few colors I remembered were very vivid - the blood was a very bold red. I did wonder why in the world Mom & I, not to mention a 5 year old girl, were hunting a killer. I tried to find a website that explained meanings of dreams, just out of curiosity, but everything I found was just plain weird &/or not at all applicable to my life. I know anything I'm going to find would just be a loopy froo-froo from some oddball mystic, but I thought it might be good for a few chuckles.

Anyway, now that I've freaked y'all out with a glimpse into my twisted little psyche, have a nice day. ;D

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