Thursday, November 17, 2005

I heart guns & knives

My friend Pookie was doodling in one of his classes and produced this sketch of me. The shirt says "I *heart* *guns* & knives", which I do. Heh heh.

The reason the fork is there, in the ground between the swords, is because I have this thing about not being touched. Especially without warning. One night at work, Pookie & Bridget were discussing how I should change my hair. I was leaning on the kitchen counter, eating, and Pookie suddenly leaned toward me and touched my hair. Without even realizing it, I rather quickly rotated the fork in my hand into a, um... stabbing position, I guess you might call it. Don't think I'm gonna live that one down anytime soon.

The swirly stuff on the leg of the pants is thanks to a former client at work. She wanted to do something, I can't even remember what, that she wasn't supposed to be doing. Anyway, she cussed at me and told me my embroidered jeans were stupid. I kinda laughed at her and made her even more mad. Ah well. Those jeans have been my "stupid pants" ever since. Posted by Picasa

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