Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Chillens

The Mothership & I went up yonder to the farm last weekend to return Bobo to his rightful owners & see the other short ones - Little Man & Sugar Plum.

Auntie LG, of course, had to teach the kiddos some new words & phrases that have absolutely no purpose.

Like "Shiny - Let's be bad guys." Although that one came out as "Siny - Yet's be bad guys" with an adorable laugh. Little Man was even saying his version of "Shiny!" by the time we left.

We watched the hobbits Friday evening while Flanders & Belle went to Topeka for a night out. Sugar Plum isn't used to a bottle, so we were warned she probably wouldn't eat. She didn't but there wasn't any fussing as she was apparently immersed in the movie Mom & I were watching - Return to Me. Even after Momma got home & feeding commenced, she still turned around to watch the computer screen.

I took some toy horses I have (I won't mention just how many of these things I have...) & they were a big hit with the boys. It's been decided that the Mothership will get cats & dogs for the boys, Auntie LG will provide the horses (of course) & F&B will focus on the rest of the farm animals.

There was more funny stuff that happened, but Mom just called & we're going to a tea room in Lindsborg for a late birthday lunch, so I gotta get. I'll try to remember it all & tell ya later.

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