Friday, January 26, 2007

Lagoons & Galoons

Mom & I stopped off at Emporia on the way up to the farm with Bobo. We were in this fun little shop (which is apparently closing soon) when Bobo started doing the potty dance. So we made the trek to the restroom where, upon finishing his business, we had a 5-minute long discussion over washing his hands. It seems that Sage & Citrus soap "smells bad."

We finally got the hands washed & headed for the toys again. And once again, the potty dance made an appearance, this time accompanied by some rather noxious gas.

Back to the bathroom (skip to the loo, my darling...) where we had another, longer discussion, this time over what all the pipes on the walls & ceiling were for & where they all went. I was informed that when the toilet was flushed, "it would go to the galoon!"

The galoon, huh?

Keep in mind, Bobo lives on a farm, where there is no sewage system like all the city folk have. So everything flushed goes to the lagoon, or as it is now dubbed - the galoon.

I also heard an interesting story about how Grammie (The Mothership) came to visit Bobo & entourage & stopped in the driveway. According to the little hobbit, "she got a cup & fiwled it up in da galoon & den she dwank it!" (This was followed by laughter.) I'm assuming this was either an odd dream or some really gross whopper. Can't really see Mom doing anything of the sort.

There was probably more funny & outrageous stuff that went on but I'm very sleepy & cain't remember a durn thing. Hope all y'all have a lovely weekend.

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