Thursday, March 08, 2007

Work, Work, Work

Ahhh, there's nothing like getting hit with a wood-framed picture, being socked twice in the face & getting a little bite in the arm to start off a weekend.

Our craziest girl went off again this morning - tore up a bunch of decorations & was throwing our heavy metal dining chairs at me. Quite lovely. No marks (you can hardly see the bite mark - it didn't even hurt) but I have a headache around my eyes & down my nose, especially on the right side. This same girl yells at us at med time saying she'll die without her meds & then 15 seconds later is hollering that we're trying to kill her because we're giving her her meds. I have to keep remembering that she's been through a lot of emotional & physical abuse in her short life.

Our littlest girl has yet again (I'm still having trouble believing she keeps doing this) peed in her vent. For the fourth or fifth time. Yick.

At least our base wages were upped & the overnights now get a shift differential.That certainly helps, although The Mothership is once again pushing me to find another job. She worries a lot.


the person who refuses to settle on one name just to annoy you said...

yet another SHINY example why I do not want to work there again. ever.
not even for an Oaty bar.

LadyGunn said...

What about for a Fruity Oaty bar? Now with subliminal messages!

Hey, at least I'm not bored... :-D