Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ick, Part Deux

Well, I finally got sick. It started with a virus, diagnosed when I went to the doc on Friday & mutated into bronchitis by the time I went back on Monday. I had to go see Doc Liz again on Wednesday to get drops for the ear infection that started up & the gunky eye-boogers I've been getting as well. (Doesn't 'eye-boogers' just have a lovely ring to it...)

Tonight is my first night back at work, so we'll see how I do with half a voice. I have to be better though, because I'm having a Premier Jewelry party Friday night & I refuse to reschedule it unless I'm on my deathbed. The doc said I'm not contagious any longer, just a little hoarse. Although I'd much rather have a little horse. (Sorry, I know that was bad)

I still have to get another Z-pack after this one's used up & I have lots of leftover cough syrup with codeine. (Yippee!) Anyway, it's all back to normal, or at least as normal as I can get.

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