Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Ah-Ha! I am victorious over the Intertubes at last! (This time, anyway...)

I finally managed to get the wireless 'net to work at the local coffee shop, so I can upload pictures off of Vickie, my little laptop. So y'all get to look at some of my pictures from the visit to Flanders & Belle's...

Flanders playing with my bow as Bobo looks on. You can see another arrow down at the bottom of the pic - Little Man & Bobo liked to use the arrows as swords.
Belle with a sick little Sugar Plum, also the donor of the virus that I just had. :)
The pink blur is from the first version of the camera. I had to delete over half the pictures I took due to the pink bleeding in the middle. Took it back, got a new one & it's all better now.
Had some lovely views of distant rain on the trip home.
And some lovely sun streamers as well.

The church had it's 20th anniversary party on Sunday & I took the bow. I ended up with a small gaggle of kids who all wanted a shot at it. They all had a blast. The tiniest one was 2/3rds the size of the bow, so it sat on the ground as I helped her pull it back a few inches to shoot at the target that was all of 3 feet away. Unfortunately, there wasn't anyone available to take pictures. :(

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