Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm up at the farm right now with Flanders, Belle & their passel o' hobbits.

Rumsfeld accompanied me on this trip, once I retrieved him from his last little jaunt into the depths of our neighborhood, that is. I didn't realize until we were clear up here that he'd broken his harness (this was #4) & I had no way to keep him from running off. Dad was here & we managed to bolt (yes, you read that right - bolt) his harness together enough to use it, but the next morning he was off & loose again. Put him back on & he slipped out yet again. Gah! So, I've not bothered with the harness the last day & a half & he's been fine. His gypsy blood must be taking a break. He just wanders the farm, carries his stuffed quail around & takes long naps in the shade. The little boys are loving him. The little girl doesn't much care either way.

I got to play a bit on the 4-wheeler - very fun, and we messed around with my new toy some yesterday. Lost an arrow out in the windbreak (durn camo) but maybe Viking Dad can bring his metal detector up the next time he comes & look for it.

The Mothership is taking care of Jay's hobbits - Beetlebomb, Elf & Lil'Un, since school is out. Last week I would go over after I got off work & take my laptop. The kids are having a ball playing The Sims 2. They each have their own house, people & pets. The girls named their cats after each other, so it's kinda funny to hear "Lil'Un, you're going to use the litter box!" Lil'Un goes "Hey!".

I'm heading home later this afternoon & then it's back to work tonight at midnight.

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