Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Judgement House - Makeup Room - Demons

I did some of the demons' makeup, mainly Tina's. Each demon was kinda half & half - one side normal, the other demonized, to demonstrate how Satan & his demons are deceptive & dont' show their true sides to the world. We started with liquid latex on the icky side, layering that with tissue paper to give it a nice wrinkly effect.
Partially latexed Tina...
After the latex dried, I would use my Leatherman to pull holes in the latex to make it look like it was burned & blistered. Then it was time for the makeup. I put red on first & went around the rest of her face a bit, 'cause Hell was hot, y'know. Then came the black & a deep burgandy red went inside the holes to look raw. The last night, I also used the burgandy to draw scratch marks across her face & neck like she had been clawed.An up-close shot of the final result. I started doing her eyes in a kinda cat-ish look. We kinda got hooked on that & joked that she would have me do her eye makeup for prom. The final touch was red & black charring on the one hand & leg. We did run into a bit of a problem with Tina, as the latex was really hard on her skin. She accidentally pulled a bit of her own skin off when removing the latex one night. We used less latex after that & tried bandaids that I ripped up & painted over. It didn't look quite as good but at least it didn't give her a unintential chemical peel.
Another shot of the final result. We sprayed her hair on the dark side black. Abby, who was the other female demon, has black hair, so we sprayed white stripes on her dark side.
Mason, one of the hooded demons - he was also in the Judgement Room scene & they wanted plain black faces on them in there. We just did straight black on him & then set it with black powder. It stayed really well, even with all the sweat & the hoods rubbing up against them all night.

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