Saturday, December 08, 2007

Judgement House - Prank

I completely forgot about the prank that Matt played on everyone the last night!

Matt was one of the guys who played the "dead" kid. He's the one in the video of part 2, below. Anyway, he set it up with Mom beforehand to have some fake blood there & told those of us playing the hooded demons to really go all out when we were attacking & dragging him out in the last 4 or 5 scenes he did.

After his last turn, he just laid on the ground (they always did this a certain extent after each time, but he stayed longer this time) & then curled up into a fetal position. Before all the lights came up, Mom went over & put a couple dabs of fake blood on his nose & the corner of his mouth. Then she hid the blood bottle & said she thought something was wrong with him. Once the audience was gone & everyone came in the back, Matt groaned & slowly picked himself off the ground. You could see where some of the blood had dripped onto the floor & everyone started freaking out. Greg, who playing Satan that night, started going "Get Security, we need a first aid kit, we need band-aids!" Poor Abby, his sister, ran outside & was very upset. Once I realized she had left I followed & saw Tina trying to comfort her. I said "You do realize that was a joke, don't you?" Abby stopped for a second & then went "That jerk!" One of the other guys didn't realize it was a prank until Matt licked the blood & went "Mmm, minty..." & offered him a taste.

Overall, I think it went off quite well. I can never keep a straight face when I know about stuff like this so I was covering my mouth in mock horror while trying not to laugh.

Matt & Abby are in the second picture down in the Makeup Removal post below.

Ahh, the fun we had in Hell...

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