Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tea & Crumpet

Okay, time for a couple of pictures from the Ladies' Tea at church and an introduction to the newest fluffy member of the family.
First up, we have a shot of my tea table, done in blues, since that's what my china pattern is. I got napkins rings this year from good ol' Wally World & placed a red rose in each for a touch of Christmasy color. Above the forks, I placed favours for each guest. They were squares of Ghiradelli dark chocolate in a sheer bag, tied with a tea-themed charm on a ribbon.
The center-piece was a miniature scene of a living room, complete with a tea set, Christmas tree, gifts & nativity set. There's also a pair of red high heels by one of the chairs & a curious kitty checking out the bowl of strawberries (made years ago by your truly) on the coffee table. The blue & tan thingy in front of the tree is a Jill-in-the-Box that I made in a class, also years ago.
The Mothership's table, done in her Old Country Roses pattern.


Well, that was the 'Tea' section, now for the 'Crumpet' part.

Meet Crumpet.
We adopted her a month or so ago from the local Humane Society. Mom & I went to give Peanut 'moral support' when she went to pick out Lexi, her new house cat. We saw this adorable little Siamese mix who kept kneading the other kittens she was curled up with & just had to hold her. One thing led to another & Mom talked Dad into letting us adopt her.
She is a deal. Her motor is loud as all-get-out & she has enough energy for 4 cats. She's also a cuddler & is slowly winning Boo over. Boo just doesn't like getting caught letting Crumpet lick her or play with her. Must keep up the aloof & dignified reputation, you know.

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