Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tea Time!

We had another ladies tea at church last Sunday & Mom was assigned to make all the scones this year.

Which means I was assigned to help make all the scones. (I'm not really upset, just think it's funny that Mom being on a committe means I am too.)

We used the same recipe as last year & made 7 double batches. That's a lot of cream cheese. Dad helped mix several of the batches up.

Anyway, I started mixing batches about 6:30 Friday evening, worked from 12-8am at UMY, then took a couple hour nap before starting again. Mom & I took most of our dishes & decorations out to the church Saturday evening where I also did the PowerPoint announcements. When we got back home, I got my second wind & played music videos on youtube all night while I baked. Until 6:30am. I slept until 9:45-ish while Mom finished up the scones, then got ready to go. We had to have our tables ready to go by 3pm, so we decorated & then the shindig started at 4pm.

After the meal was over I tried to stay at the table for the program, but the long hours were catching up to me. I ended up crashing on the couch in the fireside room for about an hour then it was time to clean up.

I crashed so hard when we got home. I have pictures that I'll post as soon as I find my camera in one of the boxes.

Oh yeah, I've been home sick from work the last three nights, but at least now I have my voice back.

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