Thursday, March 09, 2006

Good Morning!

I love driving up the street in front of the house and seeing a little black & white face in the front window. Once I get out of the car and go over to say good morning, the window gets lots of cheek-rubs. (Those cheek-rubs are from the cat, not me, by the way...) As soon as I head toward the door, she disappears and is waiting right inside the door. I get to hear all about what happened during the night while I was at work and see the results - toys in the tissue paper on the couch, in the recliner and in my bed.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Cat blogging is cool.
Dog blogging is cool, too! :)

LadyGunn said...

I would dog blog too, but alas I haven't a puppy at this time.

Your husky pup is adorable...