Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Heroes

To Be Born Free Is A Gift
To Die Free Is A Responsibility
While on vacation in Oklahoma, Mom & I ran into a gentleman who had the above picture and saying on the tailgate of his truck. We ended up visiting with him and his wife for several minutes. He was a Vietnam veteran.
Mom & I both, at different times, thanked him for his service. His response both times was that he didn't tell us that he was a vet so he could be thanked. I had a feeling that he was going to say that. Most former and current military I have seen have responded in a similar manner.
I would like to repeat it to all former, current and future military men and women out there - Thank you so very much. You are the reason this is the greatest nation in the world and, Lord willing, will continue to be so. You have the courage and willingness to give up part or even all of your lives to preserve the American way of life and to give others a chance at freedom.
Don't pay any mind to those who protest against you. Know that the majority of America is behind you and that you are in my prayers every day. Many of us would be right beside if we could.
You are my heroes.

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