Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Short Visit From The Land Of The Undeadish

I've not been very talkative lately. I'm beseiged by headaches, sleepiness and uninspiredness.

I went to the church's ladies retreat last weekend at Rock Springs 4-H Camp by Junction City. Very good time but insanity hit the last day and I offered to help plan next year's retreat. Oh well, it'll be fun. I've got some pictures but I need to get them developed first.

This weekend the Mothership & I are heading down to (name of park removed due to the Mothership freaking out that we could be stalked by crazy people) in Okie country for my last 4 day weekend. It's for a kind of spiritual retreat and just to get away from it all for a few days. We may even get a 2-day fishing license so I can fish for the first time in my life. I grew up on a farm complete with pond - catfish - but have never fished. I usually played in the creek or with the horses when the family went to do that.

The church's Young Adult group went to a Thunder hockey match Sunday night. They played the Tulsa Oilers, who were very naughty - 3 got kicked out in the first 2 periods. One fella in particular was whacking our guys when the refs weren't looking. I saw him get a guy right on the back of the neck. That one started a nice little fight. Our boys beat 'em 5-4 (I think) in overtime. Yee-haw!

I've also been practicing for my bid at world domination with the $10 copy of
Civ3 that I picked up at Wally-World. The problem with this is that I'm a perfectionist and keep quitting after a while to see if I can do it better. I'm 9 years from the ending date of 2050, though and not to doing too poorly.

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