Monday, May 08, 2006

95 Million?!?

Somebody actually paid $95 million for this painting.

Ninety-five freakin' million dollars!

True, it's a Picasso, but that doesn't mean a whole lot to me personally. If you like him, that's all fine & dandy, but I'd rather look at a rotting banana peel hanging on my wall than that.


Look at it.

To me, that's something from a nightmare or horror movie. I can just see someone walking down the hallway at 3am, on the way to the kitchen for a drink when they see that green face out of the corner of their eye.



sarahk said...

you need to admit that some people just don't have good taste in art. and i don't mean you and me, because i find that painting to be an atrocity.

emawkc said...

It's not even a question of taste in art. $95 million is just an immoral ammount to pay for a painting. Just thing of how many Bentleys you could buy for the less fortunate rich people who don't have one already.

LadyGunn said...

sarahk - Amen! We should offer our services to those who are challenged in the good taste department. For an appropriate fee, of course.

emaw - Not to mention Vipers, or 'Hemi 'Cudas, or tanks. I'd like a tank, just for those easy Sunday drives, you know...

dad said...

think of how many missionairies that would send out into the world!!--Some poor fellow sure has a twisted view on what he thinks is important in life--