Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm Such A Doofus

The good news - I got 8 hours of sleep on Sunday.

The bad news - it was while I was supposed to be at work. D'oh!

Slept probably 6 hours last Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday, 1/2 an hour on Thursday, 13 hours on Friday and 1 on Saturday. Set my alarm clock 11pm, went to bed at 9pm Sat. & fell asleep sometime after 10pm. Woke up at 6am.

I was laying there thinking it was odd that time had moved backward before realizing that I had missed my shift.

My alarm clock plays the soundtrack to Alias and it comes on L.O.U.D. It plays for an hour before shutting off, so I either slept through an hour of very loud techno music or I got up, went across the room to shut it off & climbed back in bed without waking.

In college, I once set up an appointment over the phone with my physical therapist while I was asleep. She later told me that she even asked me if I was awake and I asnswered that I was.

I'm thinking that I need an anti-vampire-hours job...


Lyn said...

Oh boy...sleep walking! Now if only you could do your shift while asleep! lol, lgp

LadyGunn said...

Sometimes it feels like I do...

Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. ;)