Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yummy Recipe

This is a recipe that my Dad came up with to share with a former pastor of ours. So, in the spirit of Spacemonkey's "Gravy Wednesdays", I give you...

Gravy Pops (straight from Dad's recipe card)

This is an old family recipe started by me a couple of years ago. You start with a good, solid meal that consists of roast beef, baked or fried chicken & mashed potatoes & a green vegetable for color.

After the juices have been drained from the meat, make your favorite gravy - and lots of it. Just before you sit down to eat with eager anticipation, set out popsicle molds & the sticks.

After the meal, the gravy that is left is to be poured into the molds & a stick placed in each "Gravy Pop". (The kids may then lick the bowl.)

Freeze for 1 - 12 hours.

For variety, you may want to let the gravy sit a while so the grease can "chunk", or you can include tiny bits of meat, scrapings or whatever is in the gravy.

Gravy Pops make a fun, filling, chewy, nutritious snack any time.


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That's sort of like my idea for gravy-flavored toothpaste.