Sunday, May 28, 2006

West Lake

Just a few pics from the family picnic out at West Lake last weekend.

My cousin's kids - Beetlebomb, Elf & Lil'Un, also known as the hobbits - "just getting their feet wet" at the swimming hole.

Beetlebomb is a good big brother & helped the girls float. By the way, Beetlebomb & Elf both massacred me at Halo 2 the other day - a very sad thing indeed...

The girls thought their dad had brought extra clothes for them.

They thought wrong.

The whole gang hanging out in Lucy to the strains of the Phantom of the Opera theme. It was after this that my blinker went on the fritz.

Lil'Un & Bobo peeking through the sunroof in the "wed Dodge Avenger".

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