Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Car Wants To Be A Democrat

Bad car...

We had a family get-together out at one of the county lakes last evening. I went to put something away in my car & Bobo decided he wanted to play in Auntie LG's "wed Dodge Avenger". Soon there were four of the little hobbits in my bitty car. Heads were popping in & out of the sun roof & the littlest one had discovered the CD player & windshield wipers - fun, fun.

(Flanders mentioned that Andrew Lloyd Webber probably hadn't imagined that the Phantom of the Opera would be used as a soundtrack to all that hilarity/craziness when he wrote it...)

Well, the hobbits were rounded up by their respective parental units & we all got ready to hit the road. I turned on the car (her name is Lucy, by the way) & the left blinker came on. I tried to turn it off, but no such luck. It's stuck on.

So, now I'm blinking left everywhere I go.

Did I mention that unneccesary blinkers have always been a pet peeve of mine? Grrr...

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