Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Three Forms of Chocolate

Sunday at lunch we got into a discussion about the different forms of chocolate - solid, liquid and gas. Now, we've never seen gaseous chocolate, so Nic & H came up with the truly brilliant plan to use chemistry students at the schools they work in to figure out how to make it happen. They could market it as a nasal spray, in aerosol cans or in candy bars that would release like the Hall's cough drops. (A fella in the group who just happens to be an engineer started having the vapors over vaporizing chocolate. Hee hee)

Anyway, as we were leaving, several friends said they would much rather have a serious discussion than a completely illogical one like the chocolate one. They didn't seem too put out while all the laughing was going on, in fact as I recall they were laughing too.

Life can't always be deep theological or doctrinal lectures. Even God, especially God, has a sense of humor. You think he doesn't - go take a look in the mirror. Now that right there is some funny stuff. The platypus - one darn goofy-lookin' animal. The things kids say & do - downright hilarious. As Ken Davis puts it, God doesn't look down and say "Look - my people are having fun. NO!" and stomp us into oblivion. He's probably going "Hey angels - come look at what this guy did!" and laughs.

Well, those are my two cents. Hope you have a funny, side-splitting day.


Paul Decelles said...

Gaseous chocolate! Great maybe the dentists will start using it. I am going to post this on Monday's Kansas Guild of Bloggers which is upcoming on my site.

LadyGunn said...

If the dentist starts using gaseous chocolate, maybe I'll start going again! ;)

Thanks for including me. I keep forgetting to send in an entry.