Thursday, March 15, 2007

Funny Chillens

I really like some of the girls we have right now.

The girl who punched me last Thursday is absolutely hilarious. She has this obsession with the cartoon Yu-Gi-Oh & has a Yugi blanket that she keeps with her. She folds it into a neat little square & sleeps with it on her pillow. Most of her t-shirts have this little Yugi dude on them & she colors pictures of the characters & gives them to staff & the other girls. She even signs her name as J---- Yugi.

I cracked a joke several weeks ago about spiking her hair & tipping it with green. She mentions it several times a week now, so yesterday I tried to gel it into spikes. Her hair is just a wee bit long for the gel to hold it up, but she liked the slightly spiky look I managed to do. She went around the rest of the morning showing the other girls & staff - "Look what Miss Will did!"

The motto at work is "Giving children back their childhood" & we have that posted here & there in the cottage. This girl was looking at one of those signs the other night & suddenly announced "It's not like they're trying to give us back our childhood, they're trying to make us grow up!" Needless to say, that is now posted in the office for staff's enjoyment.


the cave-dwelling googleblogger said...

that's odd... Yugi doesn't have green in his spiky hair.

LadyGunn said...

Green was just the first colour that popped in my head. *shrugs*