Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ever want to just stop in the middle of whatever you're doing to scream & pull your hair out?

(I tried to find to a picture of Larry from the 3 Stooges pulling out his hair to go here, but couldn't locate one. What is the world coming to when a body can't find a picture of that?)

That's what work has been like lately. Between staff nit-picking & carping at each other & kids with attitudes bigger than the cottage & nastier than their icky body funk, work hasn't been much fun lately.

Yesterday, one of the girls said she wished she had scissors to kill me. Granted, she's just a pint-sized little thing that my cat could take, but it still doesn't exactly give you a warm fuzzy feeling to be told that.

And some of the girls' mouths... What they need the most is to be put over someone's knee. Amends & restriction don't mean squat, especially with the sociopaths who feel no remorse whatsoever for anything they've done. I flat out told one girl that someday she's going to run into someone bigger & meaner than she is who's not going to take her crap. She just laughed & said "whatever". By the way, that was the girl who bit me several years ago.

There are some funny moments - the crazy one informed everyone a while ago that "Brunettes should have more fun than blondes, 'cuz Jesus was a brunette". Wise words indeed...

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